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Menschenskind - Tequila EP (+ mp3 code) (4 club records)
Menschenskind - Tequila EP (+ mp3 code)
Menschenskind - Tequila EP (+ mp3 code)
Menschenskind - Tequila EP (+ mp3 code)
12" Germany
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Tequila EP (+ mp3 code)

Menschenskind (4 club records)

VÖ-Datum: 07.11.2013

Musikstil: Electro House

Artikelnummer: 1838704 / 4CRV002

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This vinyl includes a free downloadcode were customers get the whole digital release (incl. Bonustrack) for free via Facebook !!~~~~Anyhow fresh but still trusts! 4CR comes with his second vinyl - release, and it sounds fat. "Menschenskind" has delivered with "Tequila" this time a real Minimal House bomb with catchy tune character. Organic guitar - samples and fresh Grooves sound like the fruity sweet taste of summer which drips in the dusty and dry desert. A touch of western, High Noon and heat under cloudless sky. "Menschenskind" gives us with Tequila an acoustic place under the sun, the suitable drink and just the pure groove. ~~Alec Troniq, Sonntagsmusikant and Tinush deliver their great remixes on top. While Sonntagsmusikant holds the striking theme first a little more covered and comes along even more minimally, Alec Troniq with a stylish variation of the subject rocks more offensively forwards. Tinush adds with his Remix some Coolness and completes this 4CR Release. This package is the fruity cocktail, which runs down the dusty throat, while the smell of the sun and desert is omnipresent. ~~~~Get a drink, and enjoy Tequila!

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