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Magnetiknorth - Evolver (Ink)
Magnetiknorth - Evolver
Magnetiknorth - Evolver
Magnetiknorth - Evolver
2 x 12" U.K.
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Magnetiknorth (Ink)

VÖ-Datum: 26.01.2018

Musikstil: Tech-House

Artikelnummer: 1955940 / INK2

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~~~~MAGNETIK NORTH is ‘live drum electronics’. Drum performances are fed through processors, samplers and sequencers to produce layers of rhythmic patterns that interact with each other. Other instruments are melted into different textures so that only the harmonic content remains. This is a new project from Ian Tregoning, engineer and producer for artists as diverse as Yello and Fela Kuti.~~~~Now working with Jaki Liebezeit, the legendary drummer from CAN, to add his endless evolving rhythms. Jaki’s in a world of his own as he balances technical brilliance with subtle restraint. Recording started in the Summer 2006 in an old jazz studio in the south of Ko¨ln. Jaki arrived with a minimal drum kit including customised cymbals, a snare and a huge Gretsch floor-tom from the CAN days. All of Jaki’s performances are ‘complete takes’ with no drop-ins, loops or edits.~~~~The backing tracks for ‘evolver’ were recorded without using key changes. Each song features one key which is held continuously while other instruments and effects are blended with the key. Drums (also tuned to the same key) were added last which is another unusual technique. As Jaki says ‘they’re often overlooked as tuned instruments in their own right’. The finished results are a minimal blend of industrial and classical. Like listening to a ‘raga in an earthquake’.~~

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