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Linea Aspera - Linea Aspera LP (Dark Entries)
Linea Aspera - Linea Aspera LP
Linea Aspera - Linea Aspera LP
Linea Aspera - Linea Aspera LP
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Linea Aspera LP

Linea Aspera (Dark Entries)

VÖ-Datum: 31.03.2018

Musikstil: Synth Pop

Artikelnummer: 1960124 / DE031

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Linea Aspera is the London duo of Ryan Ambridge (Synths/Programming) and Alison Lewis (Vocals/Synths). They began the project in November 2011, technically drawing inspiration from electronic music from the early 1980s. Within the duo, Alison writes and performs all vocal elements, while Ryan is responsible for the writing and performing of the electronics, as well as recording and mixing of the final recordings. For their debut album they utilized small, simple analog synthesizer set up: Roland SH-09, Roland Juno 6, Vermona DRM MKiii, Korg Poly 800 and Analogue Solutions Semblance. Linea Aspera's sound includes clear influences from early electronic body music, classic synth-pop and, in some instances, industrial and noise.

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