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lady gaga - BORN THIS WAY, red vinyl (white)
lady gaga - BORN THIS WAY, red vinyl
lady gaga - BORN THIS WAY, red vinyl
lady gaga - BORN THIS WAY, red vinyl
12" U.K.
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BORN THIS WAY, red vinyl

lady gaga (white)

VÖ-Datum: 24.04.2011

Musikstil: Handsup / Vocal

Artikelnummer: 1699300 / GAGABTW005

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back in stock! ~~"It doesn't matter if you love him, or capital H-I-M," declares Lady Gaga at the beginning of her brand new single "Born This Way."It's an intriguing utterance from the reigning queen of pop, but it sets the tone for her divine new single fittingly. "Born This Way" brings Lady Gaga to the next plateau. She was already miles ahead of the competition before but this propulsive, powerful, and poignant anthem blasts her universes away from the rest of the pop game. "Born This Way" is the title track of her mega-anticipated sophomore album due out on May 23rd, however, it sets the stage for the next phase of her career. Fueled by a synth rumble and a sparky bass hum, the song kicks off in dramatic fashion after Gaga's first spoken line. The bass drops back, and her voice shines on the verse, lifting the song to heights of an immediate pop classic.~~~~ ~~~~No one can carry a hook like Lady Gaga, and the chorus on "Born This Way" is nothing short of a monster. With a percussive bounce and a timeless refrain "I'm on the right track, I was born this way," Gaga sounds like she's bridging the gap between the ultimate dance party and the biggest rock concert the world's ever seen. In fact, there's a rock 'n' roll edge to the track that borders AC/DC-style infectiousness. Then it all culminates on an entrancingly hypnotic bridge and hand claps to send it all home like some kind of space gospel jam. Lady Gaga proved that she was the future on The Fame, on Born This Way, she's going to show the world that she's forever. - Everyone is going to love H-E-R. -~~~~

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