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Kausto - Pupil Dilations EP (Roots United Records)
Kausto - Pupil Dilations EP
Kausto - Pupil Dilations EP
Kausto - Pupil Dilations EP
12" Belgium
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Pupil Dilations EP

Kausto (Roots United Records)

VÖ-Datum: 08.08.2017

Musikstil: Deep House

Artikelnummer: 1951516 / RUR002

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Pupil Dilations - new EP by Russian producer Kausto (real name Kuzma Palkin) for Roots United records.~~5 tracks was produced in 2004 - 2007 in Kausto's hometown Severodvinsk on a vintage PC using Jeskola Buzz Tracker and old VST plugins.~~Main source of inspiration - music of that time: Baby Ford, Humanoid, 808 State's Newbuild, as well as Analord series by AFX. ~~Original EP consisted of 6 pieces with the sixth track coming out as a bonus on digital release.

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