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Kalbata - Enkuan (optimo trax)
Kalbata - Enkuan
Kalbata - Enkuan
Kalbata - Enkuan
12" Germany
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Kalbata (optimo trax)

VÖ-Datum: 04.12.2017

Musikstil: House

Artikelnummer: 1955061 / OT032

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The penultimate release on Optimo Trax (at least for now) comes from Tel Aviv’s mighty Kalbata. I was already a big fan and was so delighted when he got in touch to see if I would be interested in releasing something by him. Unusually for Optimo Trax this is one track in 3 versions but each version is so different that often I play them all in one DJ set. Originally there were two versions but as Kalbata is a renowned master of dub (check out the documentary online about him recording in Jamaica), I gently persuaded him to do a no-holds-barred dub mix too which appears here as Enkuan pt 3.~~A few words about the record from Kalbata – ~~I went to Ethiopia in the beginning of 2017 to record musicians. The most memorable one was Mulugeta Teshome who plays the Washint flute on this record. It’s a traditional Ethiopian flute made out of wood, and Mulugeta came to the studio carrying a whole bag of them, each one in a different key. We chose the scale and started the recording session. I ended up taking the tracks a lot further with the three cuts on the record but really it all started that day, in a small studio shack in Addis Ababa.Andrew Beltran. As well as featuring the original classic “Perfekto” and “U.S. Dub” versions, this reissue features a slo-mo cover version by long-time Twitch friend and ally, the mysterious Frenchbloke who was the only other person he knew back then who also loved this wonderful record. Robotiko!

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Enkuan Pt. 1

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Enkuan Pt. 2

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Enkuan Pt. 3

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