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Johannes Klingebiel - Nightlife Ep (Mireia)
Johannes Klingebiel - Nightlife Ep
Johannes Klingebiel - Nightlife Ep
Johannes Klingebiel - Nightlife Ep
12" Germany
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Nightlife Ep

Johannes Klingebiel (Mireia)

VÖ-Datum: 29.05.2017

Musikstil: Trance

Artikelnummer: 1949914 / MIR006

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Welcome to Nightlife. Johannes Klingebiel's debut on RSS Disco's Mireia Records. An atmospheric journey. Melancholic, yet euphoria-inducing. Johannes' five tracks cast their shadows into the darkness, mirroring patches of light that can be found if you wander out far enough. It's simultaneously the soundtrack of sweaty dancers losing their sense of time and place and the hopeful feeling of a new day during a drive into the first light in the hazy morning hours. Johannes is a studied drummer. He released music on labels like Mule Musiq, Ancient Future Now and Feines Tier. He's also one half of Alma & Mater and travels constantly with the bands C.A.R. and Vimes. Oh and he's a great DJ as well. He probably never sleeps. That's how he manages to capture the magic of Nightlife. The vinyl comes in a screen printed sleeve with hand stamped labels and is limited to 300 pieces. Vital Sales Points: - Nightlife EP is a very good record - You might know Johannes from earlier great releases on Mule Musiq, Ancient Future Now, Feines Tier - Johannes is a good boy - songs from this EP have been featured on the last four Laut & Luise podcasts (~25 000 plays each) with lots of interest for the tracks - people on ecstasy really like it - Johannes recently put out an edit of 'Born Slippy' which is being played a lot by Dixon, John Talabot, Ame, Axel Boman etc.

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