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HLZ - Vectors EP (Dispatch)
HLZ - Vectors EP
HLZ - Vectors EP
HLZ - Vectors EP
12" U.K.
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Vectors EP

HLZ (Dispatch)

VÖ-Datum: 30.03.2018

Musikstil: Drum & Bass

Artikelnummer: 1958059 / DIS117

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Crafting his own unique sound, we proudly introduce HLZ for a debut solo release, the 'Vectors EP'.~~~~First releasing on Dispatch as part of Need For Mirrors (then a duo), HLZ returns as a solo artist 5 years on and it has been well worth the wait.~~~~As we share a mutual respect for soul driven, hard edged beats, 'Vectors EP' fuses techno influences and flashes of electro with palpable bass pressure to devastating effect.~~~~Building each vibe with great care and enjoying the progression without rushing, HLZ delivers an accomplished EP, with heavy hitters that maintain the suspense right throughout.

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