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Grampa (kerri Chandler) - She's Crazy (Movin')
Grampa (kerri Chandler) - She's Crazy
Grampa (kerri Chandler) - She's Crazy
Grampa (kerri Chandler) - She's Crazy
12" U.K.
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She's Crazy

Grampa (kerri Chandler) (Movin')

VÖ-Datum: 28.08.2017

Musikstil: Deep House

Artikelnummer: 1952507 / MR020


During the mid-80s and early 90s Movin' Records defined the New Jersey sound. A skate-shop-turned-record-store run by the so-called fairy godmother of house' Abigail Adams, Movin's first output was 'I've Got The Music' by Boyd Jarvis in 1987, followed by music from game changers Blaze, Kerri Chandler, Tony Humphries and Smack, straight up Jersey jams' that producers are still attempting to replicate to this day. Still the Movin' Records catalogue throws up gems that sound super fresh along with plenty of lightbulb moments of musical discovery.~~~~After becoming a surprise hit from the B-side of Kamar's 'In Every Way', Movin' Records presents this remix single to give dancefloors a serious shake-up. Kerri produces some heavyweight remixes of this single, along with regular collaborator Yahya McDougald. As with all of Kerri's early productions, this sits proud alongside his latest, more mature output thanks to his naturally instinctive style. The single features vocals from Calvin Reed Sr., Kerri Chandlers actual Grampa!

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