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Fret - Over Depth (Karlrecords)
Fret - Over Depth
Fret - Over Depth
Fret - Over Depth
2 x LP U.K.
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Over Depth

Fret (Karlrecords)

VÖ-Datum: 13.03.2018

Musikstil: Techno

Artikelnummer: 1958318 / K047

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MICK HARRIS (SCORN, QUOIT, PAINKILLER) returns after several years of hiatus with ten tracks of blasting landmine bass and interlocking shrapnel rhythms.~~~~Format: 180gr double LP incl. DL code / DL~~~~<<I've been asked to write a press piece for the dark lord MICK HARRIS.~~~~Where does one even start? Especially for someone with decades of releases over various solo projects, collaborations and pseudonyms, whether it's doing blast beats in the original NAPALM DEATH to crushing techno brutality as MONRELLA, or savage drum & bass as QUOIT. Then of course there's the mighty SCORN and his numerous collaborations with fellow luminaries such as JOHN ZORN and BILL LASWELL (in PAINKILLER).~~~~Rather than being tied to genres or scenes, MICK HARRIS is one of those producers who creates a whole sonic world uniquely of his own, in which varying tracks, styles and tempos take form, but yet in which everything sounds unmistakably characteristic of the creator. Needless to say his work has influenced legions of producers like SURGEON, REGIS, ONTAL, VATICAN SHADOW / PRURIENT, FAUSTEN, SHAPEDNOISE et al, and pretty much anyone in the world of powerfully dark, abrasive music you could name-drop. And yet after all this time, it is impressive that HARRIS still stands way above his successors and has never been surpassed in his own production/performance game.~~~~After a hiatus of several years, he is back with a new album under the guise of FRET.~~

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