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Fp-Oner - 6 (mule musiq)
Fp-Oner - 6
Fp-Oner - 6
Fp-Oner - 6
2 x 12" Germany
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Fp-Oner (mule musiq)

VÖ-Datum: 27.05.2016

Musikstil: House

Artikelnummer: 1938707 / MULE200

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the second time around: fred p aka fp-oner is back on mule musiq with another record that demonstrates the many cosmic qualities of his deeper shade of soul. ~~it is the second part of a trilogy that features his detailed sonic landscapes that are full of mystery and power. while his last fp-oner album “5” was leaning more to the jazzier, relaxed and atmospherically side of his artistically deep house expressions, the runner-up grinds even deeper into spherical worlds that enhance deep meditative highs. ~~they are not made for club use only. in fact all eleven compositions work also massively without big speakers. again the new york city native that is working on his very own music for almost 20 years produced a journey inwards that is compelling, mesmerising and enchanting. ~~you find cosmic dust in it as well as dark entropies, percussive power, sweet seducing melodies and rolling bass power that shakes your inner and outer profoundly. the tracks are listening to names like “awakening co creator”, “alternate reality” or “adjusted perception” and the album title “6” stands for a meaning, ~~that fp-oner describes like this: “6 represents the number of man and his or her limitations, weakness and imperfections. ~~this body of work examines and looks towards one awakening. adapting to a new way of being creating an alternative and reaping a higher state of mind and being. enhanced by love and serenity, satisfaction and joy.” ~~all tunes are produced around the world, as he is a guy who never stops feeling in sound. that is why he caries his studio around to get up in the middle of the night or right in the morning after a sweaty party to transfer his emotions directly into sound. the result is massively powerful music with slow, intimate passages for treacly melodies, stirring synth-lines and little rhythmical quaintness. ~~an almost lyrical house journey that works like a musical sculpture in which organic machine grooves float along keys on air. the evolution of the

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