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FFT - fft1 (Uncertainty Principle)
FFT - fft1
FFT - fft1
FFT - fft1
12" U.K.
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FFT (Uncertainty Principle)

VÖ-Datum: 14.05.2018

Musikstil: Techno

Artikelnummer: 1960173 / FFT1

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A five track EP from new UK-based label Uncertainty Principle. fft1 is the first record under the FFT moniker for a young producer who has been making various names for himself for five years now. fft1 combines super tight high-tech production with '90s bleep and rave stylings to bring a unique experimental electro/techno sound which sits nicely alongside techno, electro and ghetto-tech in the mix. Solid support for this record comes from Kirsti (null+void), Happa, Julia Govor and Mor Elian.

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