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Febe - Der Groove Günther (Tinush & Paul Müller (romancity)
Febe - Der Groove Günther (Tinush & Paul Müller
Febe - Der Groove Günther (Tinush & Paul Müller
Febe - Der Groove Günther (Tinush & Paul Müller
12" Germany Excl.
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Der Groove Günther (Tinush & Paul Müller

Febe (romancity)

VÖ-Datum: 12.12.2013

Musikstil: Minimal House

Artikelnummer: 1865720 / #DADROMANCITY00

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Opening up the release is ‘der groove günther’, a stripped back bit of rubbery, supple techno. The groove sure is infectious, but it’s the way its detailed with such curious sounds – metal twangs, squelchy chords, icy hi-hats – that makes it so engaging.~~~~On the remix, Tinush reimagnes the track as an even weirder thing. It’s all about micro-evolving details, subtle and inherent funk and keen sound design that is part shiny and stiff at the same time as being elastic and bendy.~~~~febe’s other idiosyncratic original is ‘tag für tag’ a hopscotch bundle of tin pot percussion, jumbled finger and hand claps, gloopy beats and fractured female vocals that are diced and sliced beyond recognition. It sure does make for fresh and arresting house music that operates in a world all its own.~~~~Paul Müller turns in a remix of this one and re-works it into a delightfully jazzy yet synthetic house cut with busy piano lines and bulbous synth notes. Never sitting still for a second, it twists and turns and will have you doing the same for its duration.~~~~The first vinyl pressing is a limited golden seal edition!!~~~~- der groove günther~~- der groove günther (tinush’s durch & durch durch remix)~~- tag für tag~~- tag für tag (paul müller remix)

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