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Eric Maltz - Ns-17 (novel sound)
Eric Maltz - Ns-17
Eric Maltz - Ns-17
Eric Maltz - Ns-17
2 x 12" U.S.A.
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Eric Maltz (novel sound)

VÖ-Datum: 30.09.2017

Musikstil: Tech-House

Artikelnummer: 1953378 / NS-17

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Eric Maltz is a producer from New York City and now resides in Berlin, Germany.~~~~He is a former employee of Halcyon records from its' OG glory days in it's first location in Red Hook/Carrol Gardens areas of Brooklyn.~~~~"Eric Provided a sofa to me often through-ought my 20's and vice-versa, we both cared about music above all else- we lived and breathed music- and we helped each other survive when we were penniless - if one was up, so was the other...~~~~Eric and I were roommates, friends, we looked out for each other in a rough city with tough rules. Every time one of us got a job at a restaurant or record shop, within weeks we would have the other working there too. We did that for a decade. We slang records for years at Halcyon- a shop on Smith Street which had a portrait of Stevie Wonder painted on the front facade- and we threw parties all around Brooklyn back then too.. Every shitty bar that would have us lol. We were a dope team. He's the only person who has ever touched the third rail on a subway and survived too! True story. So you know I couldn't wait to release his Debut LP. Proud of this guy" - Levon Vincent

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