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Electrorites - Archives Vol. 1 (Colored Vinyl) (Structures Records)
Electrorites - Archives Vol. 1 (Colored Vinyl)
Electrorites - Archives Vol. 1 (Colored Vinyl)
Electrorites - Archives Vol. 1 (Colored Vinyl)
12" Germany Excl.
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Archives Vol. 1 (Colored Vinyl)

Electrorites (Structures Records)

VÖ-Datum: 04.08.2017

Musikstil: Techno

Artikelnummer: 1949144 / DADSTR001

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Italyís Electrorites, holds a promising status among techno-heads. Having released~~with the likes of Decoy Records, AFU Limited & Morforecs - and simultaneously~~running his labels: Nightmare Factory Records, Shout Records, he now brings forth~~his latest project, Archives Vol.1 with his new label Structures Records.~~Technological/ computer-esk sound semantics make up the infrastructure of Archives~~Vol.1. The application of effects, whether itís arpeggiated midis or filter distortion,~~adds a driving personality to each production - with the potential to not only~~mesmerise, but trigger primitive urges among lovers of the genre.~~Accentuation of coarse factors result in a full bodied synth lead that navigates the~~bulk of 001. Octave separations anticipate drama and leave mood to the imagination.~~Whether the track is experienced as dark or uplifting, itís sure to accelerate the~~energy of any early hour endeavor.~~Dextral maneuvers within the detuned arpeggio emphasise an aphotic hysteria within~~002. Punctuated by a throbbing kick, dark landscapes of industrial chaos are brought~~to mind.~~Classic Layer exploitation is evident within the last production, 003. The automation~~of fades has been enforced in a way that teases the listener, intrinsic to the classic~~techno anthem.

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