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Boris Werner - Badabing Badaboum (See Double Records)
Boris Werner - Badabing Badaboum
Boris Werner - Badabing Badaboum
Boris Werner - Badabing Badaboum
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Badabing Badaboum

Boris Werner (See Double Records)

VÖ-Datum: 25.08.2017

Musikstil: Tech-House

Artikelnummer: 1952560 / SD005

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See Double, the London based imprint headed by Luca Cazal and Brigante, returns for its fifth outing, a three track EP from Boris Werner titled 'Badabing Badaboum'. A club-ready package and staple of Werner's recent sets, SD005 once again proves this Amsterdam local's deep knowledge and understanding of how to move a dance floor.~~Played by Seth Troxler and Richy Ahmed amongst others and tried and tested by both label boss Cazal and Werner on DC10's terrace throughout this summer, title track 'Badabing Badaboum' is a bonafide club smasher. Leading the charge with a hypnotic bell riff alongside a chugging 4/4 pulse, Werner keeps a driving pace as sluggish and evolving low end theory enters the fray. A deftly constructed, energy filled arrangement progresses before indiscernible, tribal vocal chants take the fore, trading blows with a modulating acid bassline.~~On the flip Werner delivers 'You Snooze You Looze', a tech-infused cut adorned with rolling subs, clinical percussion and a head-snapping rhythm. Phased synthesis and dissonant sample work pushes the track into uncharted trippy territory, as processed vox stabs and crisp hi-hat patterns maintain momentum, leading to a deeply musical breakdown that offers a truly dynamic shift in mood.~~Closing the EP is 'Whooos In Control', a lesson in atmosphere and groove, which sees spaced-out synths interplay with automated stabs. Ethereal pads and warped fx float atop Werner's swung drum programming creating that perfect roller for those early morning moments.~~SD005 will be available soon in both digital and physical formats.

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