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Audiokern - A Personal Way (Klangkeller Records)
Audiokern - A Personal Way
Audiokern - A Personal Way
Audiokern - A Personal Way
12" Switzerland Excl.
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A Personal Way

Audiokern (Klangkeller Records)

VÖ-Datum: 11.05.2018

Musikstil: Minimal House

Artikelnummer: 1955545 / DADKLAK003

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Klangkeller Records, recognized for modular sound experiments, catchy beats and percussive~~rhythms, has done it again with Audiokernís third release "A Personal Way" EP.~~The Ep delves into Experimental, Abstract and Electronica grounds. Audiokernís sounds are~~stimulated by the external world and their atmosphere, with a drop of the basic essence of electronic~~dance music. These 8 tracks are certainly a confirmation of it.~~Uncanny Valleyís live drum is fresh and magnetic alongside dissimilar jingles and swishes which~~positively balance. Wired System is abstract, with a dark added vocal at the end which brands it as a~~powerful track.~~Differently, Under the Same Sun is entirely melodic, with beautiful dreamy waves that genuinely~~make you touch the sun. It continues with The Night of Glory. its duskier - moodier vibrations and a~~few words add an exciting and dark temper that still fits purely within the EP. Element of Trance and~~Hypnotic Place are all about bringing the listener into another dimension. it alienates and hypnotizes~~you from reality through the quantity of small alterations and sub kicks within the sound. To~~conclude, Donít Forget the Animals is mysteriously percussive, itís like different animal roars~~assorted together, itís gorgeously confusing.

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