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A/T/O/S - outboxed (deep medi musik)
A/T/O/S - outboxed
A/T/O/S - outboxed
A/T/O/S - outboxed
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A/T/O/S (deep medi musik)

VÖ-Datum: 03.03.2017

Musikstil: Dubstep

Artikelnummer: 1946581 / MEDILP013

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A/T/O/S return to Mala's Deep Medi with a new album of sub-a-dub bass manoeuvres and peak time stack smashing electronica.~~~~The follow up to the 2014 debut album, A/T/O/S release their second album on Deep Medi Musik. The Belgian duo, made up of producer Truenoys and soul vocalist Amos, were signed to Mala’s label Deep Medi Musik in 2013, after getting noticed within the more leftfield end of the dubstep and bass scene. Outboxed has 2 seemingly incongruous atmospheres; dark crackling production against smooth rnb vocals, from the loungey trip-hop tones of ‘Trees’ to the rattling 808s of ‘Give it Up’. The result is a deep and thoughtful album with a refreshing originality.~~~~Considering the stacks that their first LP calls for on the second-hand market, we'd recommend buying one while you can, as these are not gonna hang about...

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