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Ash Carr - Soggy Bottom EP (2x12'') (robot ranch records)
Ash Carr - Soggy Bottom EP (2x12'')
Ash Carr - Soggy Bottom EP (2x12'')
Ash Carr - Soggy Bottom EP (2x12'')
12" Germany Excl.
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Soggy Bottom EP (2x12'')

Ash Carr (robot ranch records)

VÖ-Datum: 24.04.2015

Musikstil: Electro / Electronic

Artikelnummer: 1906685 / DADRRR006

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After a break of four years, Robot Ranch Records presents a new double ep from Ash Carr, artist and producer from Leeds (UK). The record includes three original tracks as well as three remixes from H.off.i, Schwarz Weiss and Freq Freq. The three original tracks represent an excerpt from Ash Carr´s creative period from around five years ago. Soggy Bottom, the basic and main title of this ep, appears unusually relaxed with it´s amusing constructed percussion arrangement and the powerful 808 kickdrum. The recorded deep voice vocals are hanging over the Soggy Bottom like a sword of damokles. It almost seems as if they were take the audience into the depth, alternating with short emerging acid bubbles.~~Safari and Something Fuzzy are more playful and even more relaxed and put the record to a cohesive overall picture leaving space for interpretation.~~The approaches of all three remix artists show off how different each one picks up the "red thread" with his needle and re-entangles it into something "new".~~H.off.i`s A13 rmx put´s a simple recurring "beep" synth sound for the hookline over a shuffled rattle percussion beside the freaky robot voice in the break - all in a down tempo mood. Thereby he leaves his very own piece of cosmic disco. Schwarz Weiss with the clear sometimes stumbling structure and the reduced, snotty way creates a note reminding to early Areal Records (Ada,Basteroid...) from the 2000s. Last but not least, Freq Freq`s straight techno version of Soggy Safari merges the essences of two tracks into one,so that the full depth of the track becomes apparent only after repeated listening.~~Nudisco (Yellow Tail, Takt, Great Stuff // several)~~"thx"~~~~supported by: Nudisco, Agoria, Chris Fortier, Nudisco, Mozaic, Eddie Hu, Tom Pusch, Daniel Bortz, Flokati,...

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