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Adryiano - Me And You And Her Ep (Heist Recordings)
Adryiano - Me And You And Her Ep
Adryiano - Me And You And Her Ep
Adryiano - Me And You And Her Ep
12" Germany
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Me And You And Her Ep

Adryiano (Heist Recordings)

VÖ-Datum: 02.03.2018

Musikstil: Disco / Cosmic

Artikelnummer: 1957121 / HEIST030

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The first full artist EP of 2018 is one by a new artist for Heist, but a familiar name for any modern day house aficionado: Adryiano. After taking 2016 off, he came back guns blazing in 2017, releasing 5 solo ep's in 1 year on labels like Shall not Fade and Baka Gaijin. His Me and you and her' ep for Heist showcases his contemporary view on classic house and acid, and is an experiment into how much distortion a track can actually handle when you've got a killer sample hook. Me and you and her' is about as classic as a house track can be and moves in similar fashion as his post-2013 hit 'On my side'. It's got a sweet and repetitive vocal loop, some semi-grainy but definitely groovy percussion and a deceptively simple piano hook. Add some filtering and you've got a lovely warm house song that can go on forever. The A2 Move it, move it' moves straight into old-school Chicago territory, with a raw AF acid bassline. Chicago bred Jamie 3:26, now residing in it's Dutch counterpart Rotterdam, gives the track a nice old school twist. He's going full 707 on the percussion and has casually added an amazing synth hook to give the remix a true vibe of it's own. The ep closes off with Fashion country girl": Adryiano's dystopian view of a world where Dolly Parton gets mangled through an overdrive, then gets distorted, crushed, mangled, deleted, re-added in 8 bit and then crushed some more. The result is an uptempo roller with more than enough grit, and just enough tongue-in-cheek to make everyone smile a little bit more. Yours Sincerely, Maarten & Lars.

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