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Deutsch Rock:
Although German rock music (Deutschrock) didn't come into its own until the late 1960s, it spawned many innovative and influential bands spanning genres such as krautrock, New Wave, heavy metal, punk, and industrial.
Rock and roll itself arose in the United States in the 1940s, and spread across the world beginning in about 1956. There were few German performers at that time, even though American rock was popular in (West) Germany. Rockabilly stars like Bill Haley & His Comets were of particular popularity. The reasons for this lack of German musical innovation were the suppression of "degenerate" forms of music by the Nazis and/or the traumatic effects of the war—while Germany was a center of several forms of modern music before the Nazi era, it had difficulty developing its own music culture after its occupation.

Mostly instrumental, the signature sound of krautrock mixed rock music and "rock band" instrumentation (guitar, bass, drums) with electronic instrumentation and textures, often with what would now be described as an ambient music sensibility.
By the end of the 1960s, the American and British counterculture and hippie movement had moved rock towards psychedelic rock, heavy metal, progressive rock and other styles (from which Scorpions rose to prominence), incorporating, for the first time in popular music, socially and politically incisive lyrics. The 1968 student riots in Germany, France and Italy had created a class of young, intellectual continental listeners, while nuclear weapons, pollution and war inspired protests and activism. Music had taken a turn towards electronic avant-garde in the mid-1950s.
These factors all laid the scene for the explosion in what came to be termed krautrock, which arose at the first major German rock festival in 1968 at Essen. Like their American and British counterparts, German rock musicians played a kind of psychedelia. In contrast, however, there was no attempt to reproduce the effects of drugs, but rather an innovative fusion of psychedelia and the electronic avant-garde. That same year, 1968, saw the foundation of the Zodiak Free Arts Lab in Berlin by Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Conrad Schnitzler, which further popularized the psychedelic-rock sound in the German mainstream.


Deutsch Rock:
Deutschrock ist eine Bezeichnung für deutschsprachige Rockmusik, die als eigenständiges Musikgenre mit Bands wie Ihre Kinder und Ton Steine Scherben um 1970 erstmals im subkulturellen Umfeld auftauchte und mit Udo Lindenberg Mitte der 1970er Jahre den musikalischen Mainstream erreichte. Der Begriff unterlag im Laufe der zeit verschiedenen Wandlungen, die zum Teil auch als Genrebezeichnung Verwendung erfuhr. Eine genaue Charakterisierung des Deutschrocks als solchen gibt es daher nicht. Einzige Gemeinsamkeit bleibt die deutsche Sprache und die eher rockige Ausrichtung der Interpreten, wobei dies als Einschlusskriterium nicht immer ausreicht und auch Pop-Interpreten gelegentlich darunter fallen.

Im Unterschied zum Krautrock, der englischsprachige deutsche Gruppen mit oft psychedelischen, langatmigen Songs Ende der 1960er und Anfang der 1970er bezeichnet, zeichnet sich der Deutschrock durch eine stärkere Rock- und Bluesorientierung, kürzere Songs (2 bis 5 Minuten) und direktere Texte aus. In einer zusätzlichen Definition bezeichnet Deutschrock die Gesamtheit der entsprechenden Musikszene, deren Bands auf deutsch singen.


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