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Frequently asked questions




What can I do with my mp3-files, which DRM (digital rights management) methods do you use?

Our iles are free of any DRM Copy Right Control.
You can use them as you wish, but of course you must attend to the copy right laws.
Our files have a analog watermark in which your name, email address and further information on the download and payment process are stored. In case that one of our files occures in a peer-to-peer network for example, we can find out who is the person who violated the copyright laws.

What is this coupon code? I have a coupon, how can I cash it?

Now and then we start a promotion campaign and distribute coupon to our customers.
If you have a valid coupon code you can save money. Every code has a ceratin value which will be credited to your order.
You can enter you code in the field on the checkout page whre your shoppiong cart is displayed.

Every coupon code has a minimum order value that must be reached.

Coupon codes are also used as presents. You can buy a coupon code with a worth of 10,00 to use it as present for somebodys birthday. These codes do not have a minimum order value, opf course.

How can I edit the criterias of my myLists?

myLists can not be edited. If you want to modify the criterias of your list simply create a new one.

How much is the delivery?

You can query all shipping costs when you click Information => Shipping costs.
Please choose the country to which the parcels will be sent.

How does the mp3 download / purchase work?

Downloading mp3 files also works with a shopping cart in which you can put all tracks and albums you want to purchase.
After putting all articles in the shopping cart, you must sign in with your username and password to access the cart.
After choosing your preferred way to pay and completing the payment you can start downloading.

Why do you need a copy of my Credit Card and ID card?

Due to legal- and security reasons this is sometimes neccessary.

Subscribe / unsubscribe from newsletter

You find the forms to subscribe / unsubscribe to / from our newsletters by clicking on Newscenter.

Which kind of package do you use?

We use high quality packages made of receycled material that protect your articles from damage.

What are backorders?

After an order all ordered articles are kept in your backorders until they are shipped to you.
With the help of your "my account" page you can check your backorder list and see if new articles arrived.

What is Java and where can I get it?

Java is a commonly used programming language which allows creating programs for several operating systems.
For example the most popular office suite Open Office is a Java program.
Most operating system have it by default and the user has nothing to care about.
To check if you have Java installed and download it if neccessary, visit this link:

Get Java