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Frequently asked questions




How long does the shipping take?

Deliveries within Germany usually take between 1 and 3 days.

We delivery on 5 days a week. ON saturdays and sundays we do not ship.

My email address has changed, must I register again?

No, just go to the account management and change you email address.

Some available articles in my backorders suddenly disappeared.

This happens when suppliers gave us faulty information on the supply delieveries.
We are sorry for that but we are powerless ourself.

What is this coupon code? I have a coupon, how can I cash it?

Now and then we start a promotion campaign and distribute coupon to our customers.
If you have a valid coupon code you can save money. Every code has a ceratin value which will be credited to your order.
You can enter you code in the field on the checkout page whre your shoppiong cart is displayed.

Every coupon code has a minimum order value that must be reached.

Coupon codes are also used as presents. You can buy a coupon code with a worth of 10,00 to use it as present for somebodys birthday. These codes do not have a minimum order value, opf course.

I've placed more than one order. Will I receive several parcels?

Not automatically. we collect your orders in you account.
You can define yourself when you want us to send you a parcel.

Which mail-order firm do you use?

We have cooperations with:

  • UPS

  • GLS

  • Deutscher Post / DHL

  • Usually the customer can decide which company should bring his parcels.

    but not every company is availabe in every country.

    When will I receive my articles?

    That depends on the delivery option you chose.
    If you chose direct delivery, we will send you the article as soon as the arrive. Beside direct delivery you can chosse delivery at a special date or when a certain value of available backorders has been reached.

    Can I delete a order or my backorders?

    No, unfortunately you can't. Our staff can do this for you if your articles are not on their way already.

    You can either do this by phone or in your backorder list.

    Can I preorder articles

    Yes, articles thet are not released, yet can be preordered and will be delivered as soon as they are released.

    How does the wishlist work?

    Your account offers the function of a personal whishlist.

    In this list you can store all articles you plan to buy or that you would like to buy.

    Articles you bought will be removed from your wishlist automatically.

    To put an article on the whishlist, simply go to the detail page of an article.

    There you see a notepad symbol on the right. If you click it the article will be added to your whishlist.