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Pianoman feat. Nikki - Cast a Spell 2017(Danger or Fear Mix) (Dmn Records)
Pianoman feat. Nikki - Cast a Spell 2017(Danger or Fear Mix)
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Cast a Spell 2017(Danger or Fear Mix)

Pianoman feat. Nikki (Dmn Records)

VÖ-Datum: 22.06.2017

Musikstil: Electronica / Dance Music

Artikelnummer: 10122999


Not many DJ's have classic club anthems and a top ten hit in their CV. Even fewer have influenced other acts for over two decades. James Sammon has enjoyed a successful career as Pianoman and is recognized as one of the pioneers of House Music in the UK. A pirate radio DJ who began to produce tracks in the late eighties saw his life change when "Blurred" a track he made back in 1994 quickly became an instant chart hit all over Europe. This launched James's career, both as a recording artist and a prominent DJ. More dance hits followed, including much loved floor fillers, "Cast A Spell", "Whitney Tune," "Live Your Life", and "Rock And Move". Very few artists are synonymous with the term "Old Skool House". Only a handful of such acts are so closely associated with the conception of the sound that simply the mention of their name evokes the essence of the genre. Pianoman sits proudly within that elite group of artistes. As an artist, James has released tracks with Ministry Of Sound, London/FFRR Records, AATW Records, Polydor Records, EMI and Sony Music. These releases and commissioned remixes have featured on countless compilation albums that have sold in thousands upon thousands all over the world. This ensures that the Pianoman brand remains as relevant today as it ever was, and reaches whole new generations of House Music aficionados. Live hit performances include MTV Europe, Top of The Pops, Radio 1 Roadshow and the legendary Hacienda in Manchester. Pianoman are know for their fast paced, full on, crowd pleasing performances. They have appeared at every major club brand in the UK for the last twenty years to date, to audiences who simply can't get enough of the anthemic, "hands in the air" production. Pianoman's legacy lives on, through the ongoing demand for the act at venues across the UK. Never one to rest on their laurels, the act continues to grow, promote, and champion the genre, with a firm ethos that true legends and pioneers inspire others. Acts like Blonde, Flip And Fill, Chocolate Puma, Hoxton Whores and Kiesza are currently taking direct influence from Pianoman and the "Old Skool" 90's house sound, ensuring the scene not only continues, but evolves and strengthens. Pianoman is proud to be part of that legacy.

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Pianoman feat. Nikki

Cast a Spell 2017 (Danger or Fear Mix)


Pianoman feat. Nikki - Cast a Spell 2017 (Danger or Fear Mix)

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