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Joey Bar - X(Angelino Loren Radio Pump Remix) (Joey Bar Music Books Movies)
Joey Bar - X(Angelino Loren Radio Pump Remix)
Digital Download Album  

X(Angelino Loren Radio Pump Remix)

Joey Bar (Joey Bar Music Books Movies)

VÖ-Datum: 17.11.2017

Musikstil: Pop

Artikelnummer: 10128237


Another single from the album "Lies and Sins" by international pop star Joey Bar comes out in its remix version. The remix "X- Angelino Loren Radio-pump Remix" from the album "Lies and sins" by Joey Bar is a new single coming out for purchase on all digital music stores. This is a remix for the hit song "X". the remix was created by D.J Angelino Loren, one of the top remixers in Israel, who runs a busy "YouTube" channel in which many of the hottest pop remixes can be found. Joey Bar wrote the song "X" following a failed relationship. He desperately desired a man who did not share the same feelings, which lead to the birth of this song, expressing Joey's feelings. "but not only LGBT should relate to this song" declares Joey Bar, "the song addresses all the spectrum of sexes, regardless of your affiliation, you should be able to relate to the lyrics- love is universal for everyone".

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Joey Bar

X (Angelino Loren Radio Pump Remix)


Joey Bar - X (Angelino Loren Radio Pump Remix)

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