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Joey Bar - X(Angelino Loren Dub Pump Remix) (Joey Bar Music Books Movies)
Joey Bar - X(Angelino Loren Dub Pump Remix)
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X(Angelino Loren Dub Pump Remix)

Joey Bar (Joey Bar Music Books Movies)

VÖ-Datum: 17.11.2017

Musikstil: Pop

Artikelnummer: 10128236


Do not throw a party without this hit song! The remix "X-Angelino Loren Dub-Pump Remix" is taken from the album "Lies and Sins" and stands as a single. This is why it was decided to release it as an independent song, with a video clip to purchase. The remix was created by D.J Angelino Loren, one of the most wanted remixers in Israel. D.J Angelino Loren has previously produced remixes for only the A-Listers of artists in the world. First row Pop stars, Which Joey Bar only dreams of standing on their pedestals. Joey Bar is releasing his first official album, "Lies and Sins" in it are 10 full-length songs written exclusively by Joey himself. He studies vocals in London with Ed Staunton as his guide, using the SLS method. Joey says he is in love with this vocal improvement method, originated in LA, California, USA. The same location is also the origin of his acting method of choice, "Chubbuck Technique". Joey Bar combines acting with music, likes writing his truth and way of living in his books and songs. He runs a "YouTube" channel focuses mostly on music, books and movies which he creates independently and promotes on-line. Having all that said, Joey never lets the virtual world take too much of his life and is highly against abusing and over-using the network.

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Joey Bar

X (Angelino Loren Dub Pump Remix)


Joey Bar - X (Angelino Loren Dub Pump Remix)

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