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And Diven - Green (Modest Electronica)
And Diven - Green
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And Diven (Modest Electronica)

VÖ-Datum: 24.02.2017

Musikstil: Electronica / Dance Music

Artikelnummer: 10117084


Fifth and last original vinyl release on Modest Records from 2001, including a remix by late Harry Mariani (R.I.P.), courtesy of SOG Records. Pmusica & Modest Electronica - two labels under one umbrellaEver since around Y2K, Ivan Pezzini aka Massivan managed to make quite a name for himself on the global scale electronica scene, through various releases on classy imprints (like Pschent, Mole Listening Pearls & Poets Club Records) and by landing numerous prestigeous compilation entries (a.o. Hotel Costes & Buddha Bar) on the way.Since 2005 now, the swiss born-and-bred DJ/producer (who meanwhile is based on the spanish island of Formentera since over a decade) mainly delivered his steady creative output for release through his own label Pmusica, alongside family-related albums by Calmstreet and Bea Luna.Faced with the ultimate challenge to easily market both his love for uptempo club music and a slower, much more eclectic approach at the same time in an ever changing music business, Ivan decided to reactivate his former vinyl only imprint Modest Records - under the refreshed name Modest Electronica - for more dancefloor related single and maxi releases, therefore enabling Pmusica on the other hand to focus on being a perfect downtempo album hub, that way catering to a different and broader audience.As a sublabel of Pmusica, Modest Electronica for now is a digital only-outlet, distributed by a different setup of partners in-the-know. To celebrate the re-inauguration in style, the next months will see the digital re-release of the Modest Records back catalog, formerly only available on vinyl.With Pmusica and Modest Electronica, the intriguing music of that prolific man they call Massivan has two homes now under one umbrella!

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And Diven

Green (Harry Mariani Remix)


And Diven - Green (Harry Mariani Remix)

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And Diven

Green (The Chicken Feed Mix)


And Diven - Green (The Chicken Feed Mix)

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