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Ambrozia - Never Surrender (19Box Recordings)
Ambrozia - Never Surrender
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Never Surrender

Ambrozia (19Box Recordings)

VÖ-Datum: 27.03.2017

Musikstil: Pop

Artikelnummer: 8210008853


DJ 19, Edison and Julianne aka Ambrozia are back with 'Never Surrender'. This time sees them covering Corey Hart's highest charting single in the United States, reaching No.3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1985. This is the follow-up single to their previous effort, 'On My Own' with Ganga, and the reunion of the original Ambrozia line-up featuring Julianne. The production is massive, the cover is beautifully done in their unique style, and the vocals are superb.On the remix tip we have enlisted the talent of Mentality H, who is from Kocaeli, Turkey, and has released Dub Techno tracks through labels such as SUPERORDINATE DUB WAVES, DATENBITS RECORDINGS and VYNKEL HOUSE. The original mix has an organic Chillout sound. But he flips that concept on its head and takes on a minimalistic approach with effected chopped vocals and atmosphere.

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Never Surrender (Original Mix)


Ambrozia - Never Surrender (Original Mix)

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Never Surrender (Mentality H Dub Mix)


Ambrozia - Never Surrender (Mentality H Dub Mix)

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