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Jamie Paton/various - Eleccio Especial (Mixed CD) (Emotional Especial)
Jamie Paton/various - Eleccio Especial (Mixed CD)
Jamie Paton/various - Eleccio Especial (Mixed CD)
Jamie Paton/various - Eleccio Especial (Mixed CD)
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Eleccio Especial (Mixed CD)

Jamie Paton/various (Emotional Especial)

VÖ-Datum: 12.10.2014

Musikstil: Disco / Cosmic

Artikelnummer: 1884462 / EES010CD

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(Emotional) Especial looks back at the first 9 releases since it's inception to provide a selection or "Eleccio" via a special dubbed out DJ meets studio mix from label stalwart Jamie Paton. Ever since the first white labels appeared at the end of Summer 2013, (Emotional) Especial has been busy putting out music that are their own warped take on club music. ~~Mixing the influences of dub, electro, disco, proto-house, house and techno, a sound appeared without any preordained plan.~~~~To celebrate the end of the first series of releases come EES10CD - a DJ meets studio compilation mix created by label artist, remixer and even in-house designer, Jamie Paton.~~Freaturing tracks from every EP, including two unreleased remixes are the tight productions of Richard Sen, the wiggle of Scott Fraser, deep, chugging Cage & Aviary dubs, the Eastern influences of Baris K and newcomers Khidja, the quirky discoid wonk of Maurice & Charles and finally not forgetting of course, the stand out Timothy J Fairplay touches. Whether alongside Mr Weatherall, Andy Blake or in solo remix mode, young "Junior"s skills (and name) grows and grows.~~~~All this is perfectly put together by Jamie Paton, the man who launched the label with his Bizarre Feeling EP. As well as the inclusion of several unreleased cuts, Jamie has edited the~~"selection", adding live studio dubbing, FX and the odd mega-mix to make it truly (E)special.

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