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www.djshop.de Mobile App

www.djshop.de iPhone AppThe DjShop Mobile App for iPhone®, iPad® and iPod Touch® devices is an ideal partner to www.djshop.de

Browse the DjShop directly on your mobile device, listen to the music and add tracks and albums you like to the cart.

To purchase a song or album you will need to visit www.djshop.de.
Right after logging in with your account all articles added on the mobile device will be directly available in your cart.

www.djshop.de Mobile App for iOs, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch 

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Have a look at the current top releases in the styles Underground, Club, Bigroom, Black, Pop and Rock, to find the hottest releases in the selected styles.

Browse DjShop's permanently updated News- & Chart Lists to find the newest and hottest releases of your favourite artist or style.

DjShop's music database contains more than a million tracks of all styles and favours.
With just a tap you can browse the entire catalog and find new and classic releases you like.

While browsing and searching you can listen to extended preview samples of all tracks in our catalog, to find out which track you really like.

Manage your shopping cart at www.djshop.de and add or remove tracks and albums for a later purchase.
To purchase the tracks in your shopping cart, visit the full version of DjShop. Right after logging in with your account, all tracks and albums you added on the move with your mobile device are available in your shopping cart and be purchased and downloaded directly.


www.djshop.de iPhone Appwww.djshop.de iPhone Appwww.djshop.de iPhone Appwww.djshop.de iPhone Appwww.djshop.de Android Appwww.djshop.de Android App


The app for Apple iOS runs on iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch with iOS 3.1.3 or newer.