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vWT Records represents the independent music label based in US, founded in 2009 by William Thomas Burnett.

Speculator aka William Burnett has been in and around the nyc dj scene since around 2000 playing all types of clubs, underground parties, and bars. He also had a long running music program on East Village radio, but he recently made the switch to www.newtownradio.com. His program, WTBS, can be heard every Monday at noon. Speculator also finds time to dj around the U.S. and Europe while running his own record label- the critically acclaimed... W.T. Records.

The label quickly found a place in the crates of connoisseur DJs all over the world . Apart from releasing great music, Will also produces his own tracks under the pseudonyms Willie Burns and Grackle. He is also a part of the Galaxy Toobin with Elliot Lipp and PG&S with Professor Genius. Burnett spends his weekdays for the past several..

WT includes in its back catalogue varied releases leaning from weirdo electronics to dance to house to techno to ambient to new wave to whatever we feel like. $tinkworx, Kinoeye, Hunee, Entro Senestre, Pagan Future, Model Man, Alex Israel, Momentform, Kartei, Shawn O' Sullivan, and Ex Vivian.

Helmed by NYC producer/DJ and former XLR8R podcast contributor William T. Burnett (a.k.a. Willie Burns), the WT Records label has released a new EP from Berlin-based artist Florian Kupfer.

With many of his past releases landing on the consistently active L.I.E.S. imprint, the four-track WT 21 EP marks Kupfer's debut on WT Records. The new record will sound somewhat familiar to those who have followed Kupfer's rise, with the EP "starting in familiar territory with his trademarked, blue-eyed-freaky-soul vocals and rough beats" apparing on its a-side, while later on the record finds the producer exploring "strangely sad, blown-out drum workouts and hip-hop-styled beat tracks."

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Florian Kupfer WT 021

Florian Kupfer

WT 021

VÖ-Datum: 30.04.2015
Label: wt records
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Entro Senestre Es

Entro Senestre


VÖ-Datum: 21.04.2015
Label: wt records
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