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Wax Classic



Wax Classic represents the independent music label established in 2011 in France and is a branch of the famous Skylax. Its parent label Skylax Records was started & launched in 2004 by Hardrock Striker as a means to release cutting-edge but timeless music that stands apart from the output of other US indie dance labels. The mission of the label is to create, develop and distribute its own distinct sound by nurturing emerging and seasoned artists and DJs, and helping them achieve their artistic goals.

Wax Classic's debut came from Jason Grove with the first album from the series Lost Cuts, and it represents the classic house tracks with a nice twist on the sister label of Skylax records from Paris. Solid tracks with french filter action, warm grooves and smooth chords. JASON GROVE, born in Detroit, started his career in the late 80's, dj-ing in underground parties when the techno house movement was just at the beginning. He was invited few times on detroit local stations such as WDRQ & WJLB to play.

The latest release comes with Garage Sessions 1 from Concept e25 on Wax Classic, the incredibly popular off-shoot of French label Skylax Records. It follows contributions from the likes of Montel and Adryiano earlier in 2013. Treating us this time are French production partners Frederic Boeuf and Lionel Cadix, aka Concept e25. These guys have big shoes to fill after the previous releases on Wax Classic, and Iím glad to say that they do not disappoint.

Sister labels: Cosmic Club, Stay Underground It Pays.

Wax Classic is the home platform for artists such as: Jason Grove, Soul System, Nick Beringer, Emotion II Emotion, Adryiano, Montel, Concept e25, Oli Furness and many others.