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w10 records



W10 Records represents the British label started by DJ and producer Danny Wheeler in December of 2005 focusing on Drum'n'bass, Nu-Jazz and Hip Hop.

International DJ, producer, label owner and music entrepreneur, West London’s Danny Wheeler has ascended to the top of the UK dance charts and is the CEO of W10 Records.

After collaborating on tracks with Sub Focus, helping behind the scenes with J Majik’s Infrared Records (label manager 2002-04) and Bryan Gee’s Movement (event manager 1999-02), Danny released his first single Ghost (Number 5, UK Dance Chart, 2004), which included Lost Highway with Sub Focus. Another single, Aura (2005), which was the debut track on W10 Records, was received with critical acclaim, a Jazz influenced drum and bass anthem featuring guest vocals from Shae Hamilton. Not content just managing and A&Ring someone else’s label, Danny Wheeler formed W10 Records, and signed a deal with SRD Worldwide Distribution.

Danny continued his momentum with the label with another critical success – the introduction of The Brookes Brothers – who with their debut release Portal/Desert Island (2006), established themselves firmly on the map. As with Sub Focus, who also worked with Danny before becoming a successful recording artist, The Brookes Bros have gone on to develop a name in the UK dnb scene.

In late 2006, W10 announced a new label venture called W10 @ Herbal, which for the last three years become one of the most popular nights at the club. In this time W10 has also hosted parties at Bar Rumba, The Medicine Bar and The Annexe. All of these parties have helped establish the W10 brand as more than just a record label, but also as a successful events company.

Additionally, Wheeler was the driving force behind W10 Records, which started the DJ careers of Brookes Bros and Wire and helped establish a number of dnb artistes. At the W10 label, his responsibilities overflowed beyond the world of dnb and into other music styles, including Broken Beat, House music, Nu Jazz.

Danny brought a new innovation to the record advertising business by shunning the mainstream advertising venues, and opting instead to promote W10 records directly to the consumers via innovative “street marketing” tactics, including passing out sample CDs to local disc jockeys while simultaneously plastering posters and fliers throughout the city to advertise his clients. Wheeler’s strategy brought the W10 message to the listener on the street and appealed to dnb fans in particular because of the non-traditional and rebellious character of the music and its followers.