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It depends upon you. Said and done. That’s what Marco Resmann, marcus meinhardt and Hawks Grunert told themselves when founding a platform for their own music as well as by befriended producers and exciting newcomers. The Vut & Vat EP from Marco Resmann (previously known as Phage) heralded a marathon of releases that such young labels are rarely able to achieve. Now in its fourth year, over 30 records have appeared bearing the Upon You logo. Along with meeting the demand for continuous output – and more important – is the label’s quality, as evidenced by constant presence in the charts and sets of tiefschwarz, steve bug, Karotte, Brothers Vibe and many other internationally recognized DJs

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marco resmann & mathias mesteno di-va

marco resmann & mathias mesteno


Release date: 18.11.2009
Label: upon you
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