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Ubiquity Records is an American music label that focuses on funk, rare groove, soul, and hip hop and other musical genres.

It is located in Costa Mesa, California and has a satellite office based in San Francisco, California. The label has over 350 releases on its three imprints covering all genres of music from reggae to Latin jazz.

Ubiquity Records was founded in 1990 by Michael and Jody McFadin out of the Groove Merchant record store on the Lower Haight of San Francisco, California. Following the success of the Groove Merchant the Luv N Haight record label (named after the Sly and The Family Stone song) was launched and in 1993 the company was incorporated as Ubiquity Recordings.

More than 20 years have passed since Michael McFadin (along with his then wife Jody McFadin) high-tailed it from Southern California to San Francisco with his dream of starting a record label. First though was the opening of a record store called The Groove Merchant. After visiting San Francisco on their honeymoon, and despite being caught up in the devastating Loma Prieta
earthquake, they fell in love with the city.

Investing the last of his savings into a business that would combine his passion for music and provide an income to live on, they opened the Groove Merchant record store on Haight Street in early 1990.

Since then, Ubiquity has grown into a company with several imprints: Luv n' Haight remains the home for re-issue of rare groove gems with close to 60 releases, CuBop is the Latin jazz arm with just over 40 releases, and Ubiquity has over 250 releases ranging from hip-hop to funk to electronic music. With a worldwide distribution network and around 350 releases, the label is constantly striving to live up to its name, originally chosen because the label wanted to make unheard music available everywhere.

Nowadays Ubiquity releases are available in digital format on the labels own site as well as all major digital outlets worldwide. Ubiquity music is often featured in film, TV and commercials as the label developed a reputation as a reliable and eclectic one-stop shop for licensors.

In addition to a wide-ranging music catalog, the label also runs a merchandise and apparel company making clothes and accessories. Ubiquity T-shirts are available worldwide, in small boutiques and chains like Urban Outfitters, and push the musical and California-centric philosophy of the label.

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