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tunnel records



Tunnel Records is a record label founded by dj dean. It is based in Hamburg, Germany.

Tunnel was once home to X-Dream, a German trance project.

Tunnel have been running their long standing 'Tunnel Trance Force' compilation CDs for over a decade, the first release dating 1997. The Tunnel Trance Force series is based on the current "sound of the Tunnel", i.e. the music that is played in the very famous club 'Tunnel', owned by Tunnel Records and located in Hamburg.

Tunnel Records also publishes a number of other trance compilations such as Time Tunnel, Tunnel goes ibiza, DJ Networx, and Best of Tunnel.

Tunnel Records was home to other artists such as DJ Dean, Gollum + Hunter, DJ Yanny, accuface, Wrong Plane, DJ Shane, DJ Shoko, Waveliner, DJ Krid-Kid, Dj C-Bass & DJ Merlin, ziggy x, patrick bunton, and Gary D, among others.

Tunnel Records has two sublabels: Push Up Records and Red Light. Under the latter were released six editions of Tunnel Red Light, techno mixes on CD, from 1996 to 1999.

Tunnel's CDs and vinyl can almost exclusively be ordered through amazon.de, but a limited selection of their music can also be purchased for download with programs such as iTunes.

tunnel.de is the official website to Tunnel Trance Force.