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truth tracks



Truth Tracks is the 3rd Label of Germany's Techno DJ and Producer Robin Hirte established in 2011 and based in Suttgart.

Robin Hirte is a German Techno DJ and producer, born 11 October 1972 in Stuttgart. In the Age of 11 years he was at the disco party in the youth club of his city - He saw this and said: THAT’S MY THING!

3 months later he was a member of their “disco group” and had his first gigs - very succesfully! In the next years he was the Main DJ at all the parties and events (like private or scool) around his town.

With 15 years he won a DJ-Contest from a dance scool and from then he played every saturday in the dance-scool-disco. With 16 years he helped a friend DJ who was ill and played one night in the legendary ROXY in Stuttgart - on a thursday, on a new wave evening - Depeche Mode, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb.

There he played mixed music, from Soul, Black, New Wave, Oldies, Neue Deutsche Welle… From this day on, Robin played every weekend in all the big clubs in Stuttgart like OZ, BOA, Perkins Park, Musicland, Nachtwerk.

In 1993 - it was the Summer of Trance - he found his Love to Techno and in the following years he had Residencies and Bookings in the biggest Clubs in Town: Skylab, Zenit, OZ, TOY, Ohm, Paris Club, Stomp, Nexus 6, Störung… He played 3 x at Love Parade Berlin, 4 x Street Parade Zürich, some Mayday-Afterhours and many more exclusive dates.

In 1998 he began to work in the studio and had 4 releases, but these were made with other producers in their studios - Robin took his time and began to learn to produce his own style.

After a little break from 2 years he came back in 2007 - no longer with turntables - just the notebook and his controller, that brings a revolutionary sound on the dance floors. With the new distribution partner pressandplay he is also planning Vinyl releases.

Truth Tracks is one of the Labels in the UNION LABEL Competition - The new international idea together with other labels like Frequenza rec. , binary404, codec and blending revival records.

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