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trazable recordings



Trazable Recordings represents the Minimal/Techno/Tech-House label from Spain. The imprint was founded in 2007 by Chris Duran aka Sonodab and operated by Spanish distributor Decoder Muzique.

Born in Barcelona ,Chus duran aka Sonodab starts his career in 94 . He played at small parties called light afternoons where he played four years as resident in his hometown. In 2002 and during two years, he stops playing to follow his dream, learn how to make electronic music to share his singular vision of music with the crowd. He began using an old computer she shared with her sister, supplemented by studies to sound technician.

In 2004 he sign with Funkdango music recordings where he release his first record ( so fresh) with notable feedback . After this release he signed contract with Decoder Muzique ,one of the best music distributors of Spain (of the moment) , and released his second ep, to Dpress rec. In 2005 create his own studio (Inhibe producciones ) and In 2006 starts Trazable recordings . (one of his big targets.) run by Decoder Muzique.

Trazable Recordings was created with the aim of providing quality music in different musical styles, always respecting the feelings of electronic music. His philosophy is simple, good artists = good music.

His beginnings were very humble, with artists not so well known but with great musical ambition, Trazable Recordings immediately got a positive response and was gradually rising,after that, headline artists feel how the label works and give it full support.

Tranzable Recordings is the favourite home platform for a variety of artists such as: Alex James, Losoul, Sek, Ekkohaus, Man_L, Sonadab, Hermanez, Monoblock, Leskin, Nil By Mouth, amongst several others.

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