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traversable wormhole



Traversable Wormhole represents the New York based music label launched in 2009 and run by Adam X under the name of Traversable Wormhole.

Traversable Wormhole is one of two live projects of Adam X and his most popular project to date. After its START in 2009 as a series of anonymously produced ink stamped vinyl that stirred the global techno scene with its mysterious guise, the project quickly received huge support from many of the world’s most renowned techno shops and globally respected DJs. Traversable Wormhole tracks have been remixed by some of the best in the scene and released on Chris Liebing’s imprint CLR and Traversable Wormhole Records.

The Sound of Traversable Wormhole is a unique sci-fi laden techno with gaps of time, space & bass in between sound & rhythm.

Within a month's time of it's conception Volume 2 of the series appeared and a huge buzz was soon amassed on the project. Accusations on who was the artist behind the project ran wild. People all over the techno scene had made theories to who was behind it.