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trapez ltd



trapez ltd:

The idea of a "limited" label, 100% dedicated and extreme gave birth to Trapez ltd, one of the first to do so in Europe. No artist name, no titles, just music.Trapez ltd started in 2001. All records were hand labelled and came in a paper bag in limited Numbers. Artist came from Romania, France, Germany, Canada etc, most of them were unknown but sometimes there were world famousartists among them hiding behind different names. With years going by the label became more established and carried even well established artists such as dominik eulberg and gabriel ananda. New artist like Red Robin & Jakob Hilden as well as roland m. dill, Mihalis Safras and Bülent Gürler/ Butch havejoined and have been a reliable source of innovative music for the Techno scene since then.Recent releases by the italoboyz and Worthy from the US label Dirty Bird have added a slight note of house to the experimental techno label. Trapez ltd will release its first album by Mihalis Safras in May 2009 and will be the home for Cologne artists such as Roland M. Dill who has created a big stir with his “Lucio Aquilina - Disco Bus“ remix that made it into many charts.

Traum, Trapez, Trapez ltd , Mbf ltd , my best friend are all belonging together.