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Tranzparente Records



This is only a brief description and history of Tranzparente records label.
Label was established in the following manner: it was two artist?s, with relatively different styles of music, relatively quick and undeliberated idea to create a brand new label to promote fresh music. As time has passed, everything has changed. Their opinions about what they wanted out of the whole deal has changed. One of them wanted more monetary income, the other wanted just to produce quality productions without having to be disturbed by financial matters.
The ownership this record label belongs to the latter person... Want to know this person's identity? Nope, no game! We can identify this person as ?incognito?. Is it a person who has a rich past in high profile production? Nope and this person doesn't agree with the idea that you need to be a popular name in order to accomplish something in today's world of music production. Regardless tough, this person has a spanning history related to the music world. Many connections to the other record label owners and operators, and also to many local and international producers.
Label does not strictly follow any one particular music style, but the main purpose is to produce quality Techno family's derivatives such as: Techno, Tech House, Dub Techno, Deep House, IDM and sometimes a different variety of Electronic music.