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Founded in 1986 by Derrick May, Transmat is one of the most important techno labels created in Detroit before 1990, alongside Metroplex and KMS. For years the label "released the tracks that would fuel the Techno boom".

In 1986 he set up a record label-initially as platform for his own highly abstract, impossibly beautiful releases-that helped to change the face of modern music. It was called Transmat. The first Tranamat records were brutal in the way that they cut their links with the past and swan-dived into tomorrow.

Full of sex, funk technology and a sassy disrespect for anything but the communication of pure emotion, musicians didnít make them but by artists who felt like they had something to say-an outpouring of sonic transmissions that felt like it had dropped from another galaxy. And so we danced and visited distant countries and inhabited weird souls, sick with the need to communicate, drugged with the need to fuse with circuit chips and boards, and launched ourselves into outer reaches

The music was like the fine-tuned jazz of cats like Davis, Jarret and Monk-capable of articulating inarticulable emotions with dead-aim accuracy. It soared and sailed through ecstasy, bitter-sweet desire connection. It touched deep unspoken parts of us, the relics of tribal instinct, sci-fi and poetry translated into sound. The motor was running and these eerily sexy, spaced-out records triggered a paradigm shift in music every bit as profound as the schism, which separated the old industrial past from the new information age.

Derrick May's TRANSMAT is one of the legendary original labels from Detroit techno city, releasing elite and innovative Black+ dance music of the future.

Sublabels: Fragile Records, Transmat Classics.

Artists member: Rhythim Is Rhythim, Movement, Strings of Life, Mayday, Time:Space 2, The Dance, Nude Photo, Relics, Innovator, Psyche, Kaotic Harmony, Model 500, Greg Gow, Tony Drake, Microworld, Steven Brown, Aril Brikha, Dark Comedy, Silent Phase, Bango, Suburban Knight, X-Ray, BFC, K-Alexi Shelby, Salsa Life, Double Helix, Acid Eiffel, Man Made, Bang the Party, Octave One, A Scorpion's Dream, Untitled, Beyond the Dance, etc.

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greg gow twilight soul ep

greg gow

twilight soul ep

Release date: 07.06.2011
Label: transmat
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