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Translucent Records



Translucent is a based musci record established in 2011, and is located in Sydney, Australia. Translucent is a sub-label of Gynoid Audio, run by Advanced Human. Translucent is all about "undefined techno", and has been created as an experimental playground for it's artists, to enable them to innovate, and express their quality productions without having to worry about styles.

The first release from Translucent Records came from Myles Serge, and is intulated ''White Noise Safari'' (featuring remixes from my boys Myk Derill and Aubrey).

Label artists: Ground Loop, Mattias Fridell, Adriana Lopez, Advanced Human, The Noisemaker, Stefano Infusino, Darkcell, Alessio Pili, Ness, Delko, Peder, Marco Piovesan, Plasmic Shape, Monocraft, 88uw, Dead Sound, Contort, Positive Merge, Dubiosity, Glitchfxxx, John Mitchell, Ad.Lib, Enclave, Little Nobody, Antonio De Angelis, Stingrays, Chris Page, Patrick Gil, Scouts In Bondage, and many others to come.