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Tomorrow is Now



Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! or TINK! Records as it was originally called in 1989, was one of the first House labels in The Netherlands and is one of the original Amsterdam record labels pioneers of House music. Certainly the first to release Soulful House and US Garage tracks onto the dance floors. TINK! Records became a household name with releases by artists such as Black Tulip, MDA feat. Lilian Vieira, EDC (Eddy de Clercq), MTC Grooves, Formosa, RJ's RULE and Thyone Girls. For two years it operated as the dance label of EMI Music in the Netherlands, signing and developing new artists, some of which crossed over to mainstream acceptance.

To really understand the story of this company we need to go back to 1990 when Joseph Salvador founded TINK! Records, the first independent music label that brought the US Garage Sound to the Netherlands. With its headquarters in the Portland Studios and a two year distribution deal with EMI the label stopped activities in 1995 with a catalogue of more than 25 releases.

In 2011 the twin brothers Alex and Joachim Salvador certainly influenced by their father's musical background decided to start a new record label paying homage to the old project and named the new company Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!. They decided to do this with the intention of re-releasing all the great music that was made 20 years ago and new signed artists. We organize events in and around Amsterdam and have had label nights in Amsterdam, Berlin and Lisbon. Since May 2011 we released some of the works that form the sound of Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! - soulful, raw, energetic, house music in a broad sense, music to listen and enjoy, music to dance and lose your mind to.

The enthusiasm of the young brothers allied to Joseph's experience are the strongest points to the early success of the company with club concepts as Jack To The Future at Sugar Factory, Transistor Rhythm at Club Up and at present with its own Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! night at Studio 80 the label starts to be known among the house music fans all over Europe due to their dedication to bring the old school Jacking and Garage vibe back to the dance floors.

Tomorrow Is Now Kid! started with digital releases by Marko Roca, Malin Genie and a series of Transistor Rhythm EP's compiling the best works of a new generation of producers.

The first vinyl releases “Pushin' On” by Malin Genie, followed shortly by Anil Aras "1994" and the New Jack City EP respectively helped to define the Old School House Vibe as the sound brought by Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!

Tomorrow Is Now, Kid! combine the forces of music producers, creative managers, interaction designers, web developers, music video creators and event producers. We believe that music should be heard, seen, felt, experienced. Music is one soul communicating to another.

The future has just started: Tomorrow Is Now, Kid!