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tommy boy



egendary Hip Hop & Electronic label founded by Tom Silverman in 1981. The label is credited with launching the careers of notable Hip Hop legends Afrika Bambaataa, Queen Latifah, House of Pain, De La Soul, and Naughty By Nature.

In the late 80's Tommy Boy introduced EDM to mainstream audiences with releases from LFO, Coldcut, and 808 State.

Known for forging new trends by supporting new sounds and fusions, Tommy Boy helped to establish Latin Freestyle and Latin Hip Hop genres with the release of multiple singles and albums from TKA, K7, and Information Society.

In 1989, the label became the first label to market its own merch line to mainstream consumers via its Tommy Boy Gear line.

Currently the home to the AM:Racket label and artists Jamar Rogers, OCAD, ANGI3, BS, Guinevere, Plushgun, Gamu, Richie Campbell, and Todd Terry.

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