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Token Records is a belgian label based in Gent, founded in 2007 by Kr!z, and serves as a platform for Techno music, and its motto is ''Nothing less, possibly much more''. Kr!z always had a strong sympathy for the more gloomy, dark, rawer sound of techno. Artists like jeff mills, Surgeon & james ruskin had a major influence on him in the 90ies. They helped to define his musical taste and develop his own identity in the techno scene. Kr!z still has a big love for hip hop, which has left itís mark in his technical dj style: fast & tight mixing, properly dosed with cuts & scratches.

In 2007, Kr!z felt there was too much good music around from his favourite artists that didn't get a proper release, so he started his own label 'Token'. He rapidly established the label as a fixed value in the techno scene of today by bringing a timeless & powerful techno sound. Being a respected & established belgian label, since its inception in 2007, Token has released music by a small, loyal cast of producers. INIGO KENNEDY and Ø [Phase] are its main flag-bearers, having released most (or, in the latter's case, all) of their recent work through the Belgian imprint. Its CV is currently one of the most impressive in the business. But while contributions from big names (Mark Broom, ben klock) have helped further its reach, it's the efforts of its core artists that have brought it this far.

Up until now, Token's catalogue has been made up mostly of 12-inches or EPs; a six-track remix package has been the closest thing to an album so far. That's not so surprising, as the kind of barreling techno founder Kr!z specialises in isn't particularly well-suited to the longplayer format. On Token Introspective, however, it works brilliantly, with the label's breadth showcased in a way it hasn't been previously. In the 5 years of itís existence Token released tracks & remixes from Inigo Kennedy, Phase, luke slater, James Ruskin, marcel dettmann, Blawan, Surgeon, Ben Klock, Xhin, Sigha & Peter Van Hoesen, amongst others. Also the Token label night concept took off with great success after memorable nights in Berlin (Berghain & tresor), Brussels (Fuse), Shanghai, London, Rotterdam, and more.

Token Records is a certainly a label that we must keep a close eye on, especially with some of Ashley's stuff being particular favourites!