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Titan Records



Titan Records is a drum and bass label to be reckoned with. Started by A.M.C Titan Records is coming forth with original, heavy releases from all corners.

As the different camps in drum & bass bleed into each other more and more, Titan Records is bringing out top-quality and diverse records ready to inject something big into the scene. All the tracks show a label ready to dominate with some mammoth releases.

Headed by one of the drum & bass scene’s most exciting young DJs A.M.C, Titan is an uncompromising label dedicated to serving DJs and their dancefloors with full strength, high-impact bass music.

Key ARTISTS include A.M.C, Mattix & Futile, Athys & Duster, Wickaman & RV, Fuzion, Serial Killaz, Epidemix and support for each release has come right from THE TOP with major tastemakers and influential DJs Andy C and Zane Lowe both pledging support for numerous releases.