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TILLT! Records



TILLT! Records is a music label created by the Hardstyle The Beholder and max enforcer, two pioneers in this popular music stream. The new label focuses on the rough side of Hardstyle but ofcourse offer space to the mainstream sound, new talents and experiments. The Beholder: ‘If you are in the scene for such a long time, you start to think about the present and future. You can keep on going and do things because it’s easy and it makes you feel save, but for how long will that be the right way? The music scene constantly changes and we can handle the future with TiLLT!.’

TiLLT! has formed a strong front with both established and upcoming producers. The pioneers The Beholder and Max Enforcer will amplify their team with Balistic, Digital Punk and Profyler. Besides these five they will shortly present two new talents to the world. Solutio & The It's have also recently signed to the label.

TiLLT's first release is the Hard Bass 2010 Anthem ‘To Protect and Serve’ produced by The Beholder and DJ Zany. This makes TiLLT! to start of with a bang. Digital Punk has the honour to remix the anthem. This fast upcoming producer created a huge remix. So prepare for a big first release on TiLLT!.

In cooperation with Scantrayy Records, the label has re-launched their new sublabel under the name Gold Records in August 2011, which was created to represent the euphoric side of hardstyle, or better saying, the darker side in hardstyle.

TiLLT! has planned many releases for this summer, so keep an eye on the website, all social media and download portals. This present time will be all about TiLLT!.