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think deep



Born in Bristol, Britain’s bass culture HQ, Think Deep Recordings is the brainchild of producer Andy Sim and long time friend and business partner Bevan Ward.

After three years of promoting the city’s much-loved Breakout parties together - a drum & bass night with a solid reputation for booking talented new artists – it dawned on them that a criminal amount of the deep soulful tunes they were receiving remained unsigned.

Something needed to be done. With a heavy emphasis on quality over quantity, Think Deep Recordings will not rush to sign tracks every week - they will only sign tracks that they genuinely fall in love with. Now with a growing catalogue of acclaimed releases,

Now with a growing catalogue of acclaimed releases and having appointed label coordinator TBone, Think Deep moves into 2013 with Andy Sim at the helm of a label with a reputation for quality jazz infused liquid vibes. Why change?

As a label manager, he has developed Think Deep Recordings into a highly respected liquid drum & bass label with a reputation for releasing quality jazzy, soul infused tracks. Despite all this he's been keeping a fairly low profile of late, but is ready to make a big splash in 2013 with exciting forthcoming releases on major labels, and an album project up his sleeve. Watch this space!

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1 Artikel.      Du siehst: 1 bis 1.