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Ten Thousand Yen



Ten Thousand Yen represents the independent UK based music label launched in 2010 and founded by Doc Daneeka.

Boss of Ten Thousand Yen and a respected producer too: Doc Daneeka is responsible for the 'They!Live' collab with Benjamin Damage on 50Weapons and a quality remix of Addison Groove’s 'I Go Boom'. But it's not just bass music he excels at – he recently released 'Sketches of You' for house music label 2020's Midnight Visions. As with both of the above, Doc Daneeka is also a very competent DJ, which in a world of talented producers lacking in mixing skills, is obviously a definite plus point.

Run by the duo of Doc Daneeka and Ian Yeti, Ten Thousand Yen is the UK-based record label acting as home to the former's stunning new EP featuring the vocals of Abigail Wyles out this March 26, as remixed by Hotflush/Rush Hour's Lando Kal. Having released the likes of Julio Bashmore, xxxy, C.R.S.T., and soon Mickey Pearce, the label has established itself as a platform for truly talented up and coming electronic producers.