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Technosforza Rec represents the german Hardtechno music label started in 2004 as a sublabel of Dance-All-Day. German based Dance All Day also operates several premium dance platforms for digital downloads and vinyl in Germany and Europe. As one of the Electronic Music portals worldwide to have a deal with major record labels such as Warner, Universal, Sony/BMG, and EMI/Virgin as well as with all independent content providers, Dance-All-Day caters to a wide range of music fans.

Technosforza, along with its sister labels Baccara Music, Bootleg Beats, Vinyl Loop Records, München and Vinyl Loops Classics are all runned by Armin Wirth, the German Dance-DJ, music producer and label manager worldwide recognized also under the pseudonym of DJ Swam.

Technosforza Rec is the favourite home platform for a variety of artists such as: 2Mr, Swam, JLI Project, Switchblade, Miss Squo, DJ Ogi, Kriz Miller, Jason Little, DJ Arcane, Krischmann, Klingenberg, amongst many others.

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Various Artists Hard Techno Candy 2018

Various Artists

Hard Techno Candy 2018

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